What is the conveyor belt?

Currently, the conveyor belt is the most efficient means of transporting high-tonnage materials. Due to features such as high flexibility, the simplicity of the conveyor system and very low maintenance cost, it is very much used in various industries.
The animated tape belt has a variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses and dimensions to handle materials, goods and other objects in various industries.
 The conveyor belts have the ability to transport packed goods and bulk materials horizontally and steplessly at different distances. The conveyor is divided into two fixed and movable groups based on the amount of use.
The conveyor belt has several types of need and application:
Types of conveyor belts
- Abrasive rubber conveyor belt
The coating of this type of conveyor belt is made of abrasion resistant rubber and the use of these belt conveyors
To transport materials and goods and other objects in high wear.
- Resistant rubber conveyor belt
Cushion and cumin This conveyor belt is smooth and smooth and the use of this conveyor belt is resistant to heat up to 200 degrees Celsius.
- Resistant rubber conveyor belt
This conveyor belt is oil-resistant to be used for transporting oil-impregnated loads.
7-ribbed ribbed conveyor belt
This conveyor belt has a tread with height and width of 1 cm and intervals of 10 cm repeated and its angle is 110 degrees.
Steel Cord Wire Belt
To overcome the problem of heavy applications requiring high strengths in a variety of conveyor belts, steel reinforcements are used instead of polymeric fibers in the operating cycle and production that is called steel conveyor belt.
- Rubber belt conveyors for general use
This conveyor belt is commonly used for transportation and handling such as flour, cement, plaster, etc.
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