Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor or belt conveyor is a device for the transfer and handling of various types of bulk materials such as minerals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and agriculture, as well as a variety of packed materials such as carton boxes and bags in various sizes and sizes.

The scope of the tapes is widespread in all small and large industries.

The operating mechanism of the belt conveyor is as follows.

The belt consists of two drums (rollers) that determine the distance between the two of the origin and destination of the product.

The first drama is weed and the second drama moves by the power of the electrogransmission between these two drum runners, whose task is to guide the belt and prevent the path from going out. In addition, the drama must be capable of reggae Also have to loosen or tighten the strap if necessary.

The skeleton of this device is made up of pipes, cans or staircases.

Conveyors in different lengths and in widths 50-60-80-100-120 cm in two modes

1. A fixed conveyor (for cases where the conveyor belt must only remain in one place and at a constant height)

2. Movable conveyor (in this case, height and position can be changed)
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