Rubber lining

Rubber lining Covering surfaces by rubber linings to protect them against wear and corrosion of chemicals

Polystyrene based bases made by the company:

- NR
- Abunity
- CR

Rilewing Types

A. Types of Ruffling (Hardness):
Rubber coatings are hardly divided into soft and hard types (soft rough and hard rober: English) to tires whose hardness is in the range of (SOR), soft rubber and those with hardness in the range (salinity ) Is called hard rubber. It is necessary to explain that sometimes tires with hardness are produced in the range between these two categories, which is called semi-hard (toxic hard rock).

B. Types of rouleling (run):
The coating operation is performed in terms of the type of implementation at the factory or at the customer site in two ways:

Hot method: In this method, the rubber is mounted in a crude form, and it is possible to install it using an autoclave under high temperature and high pressure vulcanized (rubber baking process), which can be done using steam, hot water or hot air. Be In some cases, rubber coatings that are capable of volcanizing in ambient temperature and pressure can be used for longer periods of time (self-heating coatings).

Cold method: These types of coatings are already volunteered at the site of the rubber manufacturer, which can be put into operation immediately after installation at the desired location. Despite the fact that the implementation of this method is simpler than the hot method, compared to the final result, the hot-run coatings are of better quality. Therefore, the elasticity and flexibility of raw rubber at runtime are much more favorable. It is also volcanised rubber. Also, in areas where the rubber coating is overlapping, so-called overlapped, warm coatings have higher strength and chemical resistance.

Zarrin Buspar Iran Co., with 35 years experience in the design and manufacture of various rubber products and components, is proud to provide the major part of the country's needs in the field of roberling operations with various polymer bases by the company's specialized staff used in the lead and zinc industry and Gold, petrochemicals and refineries, chemical and chemical industries, power plants, nuclear facilities, metallurgy, steel and iron, water and wastewater companies and shipping companies.
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