Rubber Sheets and parts

Rubber Sheets and parts

- Rubber Sheets

(Thickness from 0.6mm to 30mm) 

- One side (ordinary) knurled Rubber Sheets, reversible flat and knurled reversible (plain and reinforced by cotton fabric).

- Electricity insulator Rubber Sheets.

- Sheets resistant against chemicals such as grease, oil, petrol, acid…

- Rubber lining (surface and tanks cover) resistant against acid, oil, friction or abrasion, salt water…

- Rubber parts used in automotive, oilandgas, petrochemical industries…

- Special Rubber products ( by using Viton , silicon and polyurethane systems)

- Compounding

The specialist managers of Zarin Baspar Iranian, with more than 30 years of experience in design and production of various types of Rubber compounds for different industries are honored to supply the dear customers various types of compounds in different qualities and price rates: 

- Production of Rubber compound based on formulations.

- Production of compound based on price offer.

- Compound additives:

Process improvement additives. 
Price lowering additives. 
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